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"Family Sets" All Three 3-piece sets

All 3 SETS, all 9 pins total are included in this set, they are 1.25” either across or in height, and dual posted. They also have a raised backstamp with laser engraving.

These are #1 in a series of #5, and our first with new artist Chris Le (follow on IG @artofchrisle) who did the pin and back card! We are beyond happy about this new collaboration and there will be more to come with Chris and the Lab!


The “OG” (blue 3-piece set) is LE 100, “Bowsers Revenge” (the red 3-piece set) is LE 50, and the Copper 3-piece sets are LE to ONLY 25!!  

"Family Sets" All Three 3-piece sets

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